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The NWREN Gallery offers a vibrant, visual journey and record through our collective efforts towards equality and social inclusion.

This is more than a simple collection of photographs and artworks; it is a testament to the myriad of stories, experiences, and triumphs that paint the larger picture of our shared journey. From snapshots of our community outreach events to heartwarming moments of personal triumph, each image here holds a tale of resilience, unity, and progress.

Our gallery invites you to bear witness to the transformational power of equality, to resonate with the human spirit in its quest for justice, and to celebrate the diverse tapestry of individuals that form the core of NWREN’s mission.

Each click, each scroll, each image you view is an invitation to participate in this ongoing narrative of change and growth. You’re not just observing from afar, but becoming a part of our story.

Step into the kaleidoscope of lives, initiatives, and moments that make up NWREN. Witness how we strive to create a society where everyone is seen, heard, and valued. Welcome to the NWREN Gallery – where stories of change come to life.

 North Wales Chinese Women’s Association visit for Older People’s Commissioner consultation

 The Gogs – Best Unrestricted Short for Buckra Massa Pickney

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