Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us is a timely project organized by NWREN and funded by the  Welsh Government as part of the Anti Racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP).

This project incorporates several important components:

  •  Film – A series of short films produced by award-winning filmmaker Lal Davies will include Legacies of Anti-Racist Activist Elders in North Wales, Lived Experiences and Documenting Stitched Stories
  • Website – The Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us website will provide access to resources, archives, films and photography featuring the  landscapes and people of North Wales
  • Exhibition Series – The touring exhibition curated by Martha Bothos will feature audio-visual components, posters, textile creations and artefacts linking the history of North Wales with colonialism and slavery through the stories told by members of our diverse community
  • Mobile Poster Displays – designed for the statutory authorities to reinforce current legislation and ARWAP
  • Textiles Workshops – These workshops, led by textile artist Suzette Smart, highlight community contributions by creating Stitched Stories about our cultures, journeys, sense of home, loss and more. The workshops are an important core feature of Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us

Projects like Pobl Fel Ni are essential in our efforts to collectively and collaboratively work together to bring about change to improve outcomes for all, to better reflect and promote a vibrant and diverse Wales.

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